Increasing the speed of
financial transactions
Continuously improving
the processes with every iteration
Our technologies
Big Data, Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Science
Digital Solutions
Better Predictions, Better Decisions, Better Results
BOWPI offers a solution to your
main challenge:
To digitalize your processes, reducing costs in every task of your product’s life cycle, including, acquisition, origination, servicing and collection.
Our Competitive Edge
BOWPI is a financial technology company which strives to digitalize your processes and integrate an end-to-end, omni-channel solution that reduces transaction costs and improves your value chain.

This is accomplished by taking all available data and analyzing it, using machine learning to accurately profile potential customers, generating better loans and reducing defaults.
A Modular Solution
The elements of our solution can be interconnected, and assembled in various configurations to fit your needs; making it a modular solution easy to implement and scale, adapting it to your business strategy and processes. 

In the end, your customer sees your logo, the system follows your rules, while our algorithms make your system accurate, faster and more profitable.
BOWPI’s solution gives you:
Action-Driven Data
Acquiring more and better data
Credit Scoring
Using data mining and behavioral science
Faster Processing
Mobile onboarding
Digital Filing
Continuously digitalizing information
Strategizing Collections
Predictive algorithms and machine learning
Managing the Portfolio
Achieve better predictions, better decisions, better results
Formula For Your Success
Being a cloud-based platform allows you to quickly scale to new markets.
Our algorithms automate decision making and reduce costs.
Our level of encryption and safety protocols ensure the highest standards of security .
Using Cutting-Edge Technologies
We develop optimal solutions driven by data analytics, and using a holistic understanding of your consumer’s behavior and needs. 

Machine Learning recognizes the patterns of your transactions in order to drive strategy and support decision-making, improving results and reducing risk.
Adding value to
Your company
Cost reduction and profit growth
Your managers
Better decision making tools and better results
Your customers
Greater ability and speed to track the process making it a convenient experience
Meet the Team
Our experts lead on the cutting edge of digital technologies to help you thrive globally in the financial market
Key specializations
of our team members
Data Science
Our platform builds on these technologies
Contact us
Vía 4 1-00 zona 4 Edificio Tec 2 Oficina 702, Guatemala City, Guatemala
+502 2445-4945